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On Mon, 23 Jan 2017, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> I am wondering: why do we carry this obsolete version when
>> there is a more up-to-date version publicly available at
>> ?
>> Our version dates 2015-05-23, the one is from 2016-11-28.
> I think it was always public so I assume we included it for the sake
> of people reading the libstdc++ docs offline. These docs can be
> generated and installed when building GCC, the onlinedocs aren't 
> the only way to read them.
> In this age of always-on broadband internet connections we probably
> don't need to bundle an outdated copy with our sources.


>> Can we remove this now?  Or should this be updated at least?
> My vote would be to remove them, but maybe Paolo remembers another
> reason we started bundling them.

The patch below is my first attempt at removing these three outdated
copies and the machinery around them.

There is just one catch: doc/xml/manual/intro.xml has 132 links to
../ext/lwg-defects.html#2442 (and other anchors).  

I could just replace this with the upstream link all those times, but 
am wondering whether there is a more elegant way using SGML/Docbook 
that you could help with?

What do you think?


2017-02-05  Gerald Pfeifer  <>

	* doc/html/ext/lwg-active.html: Remove.
	* doc/html/ext/lwg-closed.html: Ditto.
	* doc/html/ext/lwg-defects.html: Ditto.

	* doc/xml/manual/intro.xml: Use upstream link for lwg-active.html.

	* doc/ (xml_extradir): Remove.
	(xml_extra): Ditto.
	(stamp-html-docbook-lwg): Remove recipe...
	(stamp-html-docbook-data): ...and its use here.
	* doc/ Regenerate.

	* doc/xml/manual/intro.xml: Shorten two paragraphs explaining
	the relationship to the upstream working group.  Replace a local
	link to lwg-active.html by the upstream one.

Index: doc/
--- doc/	(revision 245189)
+++ doc/	(working copy)
@@ -450,12 +450,6 @@
 xml_images = ${xml_image_basic} ${xml_image_generated}
-xml_extradir = ${glibcxx_srcdir}/doc/html/ext
-xml_extra = \
-	${xml_extradir}/lwg-active.html \
-	${xml_extradir}/lwg-closed.html \
-	${xml_extradir}/lwg-defects.html
 xml_noinst = \
 	${xml_dir}/book.txml \
 	${xml_dir}/chapter.txml \
@@ -538,11 +532,7 @@
 	$(INSTALL_DATA)	$(xml_images) ${docbook_outdir}/html/images
 	$(STAMP) stamp-html-docbook-images
-stamp-html-docbook-lwg: stamp-html-docbook $(xml_extra)
-	$(INSTALL_DATA)	$(xml_extra) ${docbook_outdir}/html/ext
-	$(STAMP) stamp-html-docbook-lwg
-stamp-html-docbook-data: stamp-html-docbook-images stamp-html-docbook-lwg
+stamp-html-docbook-data: stamp-html-docbook-images
 	$(STAMP) stamp-html-docbook-data
 # HTML, "chunked" into index plus chapters as separate pages
Index: doc/xml/manual/intro.xml
--- doc/xml/manual/intro.xml	(revision 245189)
+++ doc/xml/manual/intro.xml	(working copy)
@@ -208,27 +208,15 @@
 	The links are to the specific defect reports from a <emphasis>partial
 	copy</emphasis> of the Issues List.  You can read the full version online
 	at the <link xmlns:xlink=""; xlink:href="";>ISO C++
-	Committee homepage</link>, linked to on the
-	<link xmlns:xlink=""; xlink:href="";>GCC "Readings"
-	page</link>.  If
-	you spend a lot of time reading the issues, we recommend downloading
-	the ZIP file and reading them locally.
+	Committee homepage</link>.
-	(NB: <emphasis>partial copy</emphasis> means that not all
-	links within the lwg-*.html pages will work.  Specifically,
-	links to defect reports that have not been accorded full DR
-	status will probably break.  Rather than trying to mirror the
-	entire issues list on our overworked web server, we recommend
-	you go to the LWG homepage instead.)
-      </para>
-      <para>
 	If a DR is not listed here, we may simply not have gotten to
 	it yet; feel free to submit a patch.  Search the include/bits
 	and src directories for appearances of
 	<constant>_GLIBCXX_RESOLVE_LIB_DEFECTS</constant> for examples
 	of style.  Note that we usually do not make changes to the
-	code until an issue has reached <link xmlns:xlink=""; xlink:href="../ext/lwg-active.html#DR">DR</link> status.
+	code until an issue has reached <link xmlns:xlink=""; xlink:href="";>DR</link> status.

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