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Re: [PATCH] libstdc++/77686 use may_alias for std::function storage

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 12:57 PM, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
> std::function::swap does swap(_M_functor, x._M_functor) which
> exchanges the underlying bytes of the two _Any_data PODs using that
> type's implicit assignment operator. However, unlike using placement
> new to construct an object in the storage, simply memcpying the bytes
> doesn't change the effective type of the storage, so alias analysis
> decides it can't point to whatever we've tried to store in there.

To clarify -- the implicit assingment operator for PODs (including unions)
simply expands to an aggregate assignment which is subject to TBAA
rules and thus in this case instantiates an effective type of _Any_data.
Using memcpy would have worked as memcpy _does_ transfer
the effective type of the storage.  It wasn't points-to deciding things
here but TBAA given automatic storage X with effective type T
read via an lvalue of type _Any_data.

> This attribute tells the middle-end to assume anything those bytes
> could contain any type of object, which is exactly what we want.

It tells the middle-end that accessing storage via a _pointer_ to such
marked type may access storage with a dynamic type that is not
compatible with the type.

Details ;)

Btw, I think the patch is correct.


>         PR libstdc++/77686
>         * include/std/functional (_Any_data): Add may_alias attribute.
> Tested powerpc64le-linux, committing to trunk and gcc-6-branch.
> std::any doesn't have the same problem, because I defined an _Op_xfer
> operation that uses placement new to copy the object into the
> destination, so the dynamic type is changed correctly.  I haven't
> checked whether optional and variant might have similar problems in
> any implicit copy/move operations working on POD storage.

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