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Re: [PATCH] reduce size penalty for including C++11 <algorithm> on x86 systems

On 13/10/15 21:44 -0400, Nathan Froyd wrote:
Including <algorithm> in C++11 mode (typically done for
std::{min,max,swap}) includes <random>, for
std::uniform_int_distribution.  On x86 platforms, <random> manages to
drag in <x86intrin.h> through x86's opt_random.h header, and
<x86intrin.h> has gotten rather large recently with the addition of AVX
intrinsics.  The comparison between C++03 mode and C++11 mode is not
quite exact, but it gives an idea of the penalty we're talking about

froydnj@thor:~/src$ echo '#include <algorithm>' | g++ -x c++ - -o - -E -std=c++11 | wc
 53460  127553 1401268
froydnj@thor:~/src$ echo '#include <algorithm>' | g++ -x c++ - -o - -E -std=c++03 | wc
  9202   18933  218189

That's approximately a 7x penalty in C++11 mode (granted, C++11 includes
more than just <x86intrin.h>) with GCC 4.9.2 on a Debian system; current
mainline is somewhat worse:

froydnj@thor: gcc-build$ echo '#include <algorithm>' | xgcc [...] -std=c++11 | wc
 84851  210475 2369616
froydnj@thor: gcc-build$ echo '#include <algorithm>' | xgcc [...] -std=c++03 | wc
  9383   19402  239676

<x86intrin.h> itself clocks in at 1.3MB+ of preprocessed text.

Yep, that's been bothering me for a while.

This patch aims to reduce that size penalty by recognizing that both of
the places that #include <x86intrin.h> do not need the full set of x86
intrinsics, but can get by with a smaller, more focused header in each
case.  <ext/random> needs only <emmintrin.h> to declare __m128i, while
x86's opt_random.h must include <pmmintrin.h> for declarations of
various intrinsic functions.

The net result is that the size of mainline's <algorithm> is significantly reduced:

froydnj@thor: gcc-build$ echo '#include <algorithm>' | xgcc [...] -std=c++11 | wc
 39174   88538 1015281

which seems like a win.


Bootstrapped on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu with --enable-languages=c,c++,
tested with check-target-libstdc++-v3, no regressions.  Also verified
that <algorithm> and <ext/random> pass -fsyntax-check with
-march=native (on a recent Haswell chip); if an -march=native bootstrap
is necessary, I am happy to do that if somebody instructs me in getting
everything properly set up.


OK, thanks.

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