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[C++11, C++14 PATCH 0/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations

A group within the C++ standards committee was charged with the responibility of coming up with a way for users to test a C++ compiler and runtime for the availability of new features. These features are intended to aid users in a time of intense C++ evolution. These features are not really part of the C++ standard and probably can't be really.

The latest paper is:

Also, an earlier version is supplied as a standing document on the isocpp website:

The current patch implements __has_include and many of the language feature and library version macros outlined in these documents.

I builds and tests clean on x86_64-linux.

I anticipate that the next C++ meeting will see some additions (new library and language macros and a __has_cpp_attribute). I will add these as a separate patch if needed.

I took the liberty of adding __has_include_next. clang has both __has_include and __has_include_next. Also, while the underlying cpp builtin that supports __has_include, __has_include__, is available to C and C++ in all language versions, the macro __has_include is only available for C++11 onwards. One could however anticipate that this feature has utility for all C/C++ users. What do you think?


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