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Re: Distributing 'make check' across a cluster

On 12-05-31 10:28 , Joseph S. Myers wrote:

libstdc++ definitely works with installed testing (there may be a bug or
two, e.g. PR 23867, that mean a few tests don't get run that way); it's
how Mentor's testing works.


That is however installed testing with a complete source tree available
(but not a build tree); I don't know exactly what is needed from outside
the testsuite/ directory (but see
libstdc++-v3/testsuite/lib/libstdc++.exp:libstdc++_init for what happens
during the testsuite setup).

Thanks. Having the source tree available is not a problem, as I require it to copy the actual testsuites into the work tree. Adding a few more files from the source tree would not be a problem.

C, C++, Fortran, Obj-C and Obj-C++ testing have been known to work in the
past for installed testing.  Java, Ada and Go are quite likely to have
problems; I don't think I've tried installed testing for libmudflap,
libffi, libitm, libatomic (but it should work for libgomp).

Yeah, right now I'm concentrating on the main C, C++ and Fortran tests. Once I have the basic harness ready, I will look at the other languages.

Thanks. Diego.

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