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Re: debug container move patch

On 09/19/2010 09:39 PM, François Dumont wrote:
> IMO we should stay on a pure technical level. libstdc++ lets you use
> both debug and normal containers at the same time and moreover debug
> containers inherit from normal ones. So libstdc++ users are able to do
> things like building normal containers from debug, even if it is
> source of problems sometimes, and thanks to some already added
> constructors they are able to do the opposite. Whether they are going
> to do so or not is secondary.
Actually, I think it's primary, I don't think we should not be
distracted by possible uses which are not documented anywhere and nobody
expect us to fully support. In principle we should be able to have code
which doesn't compile *at all* in such cases, but as you know well, this
is not always the case with languages like C or C++, the user can always
find a way to shot on his foot.
> According what you say current situation do not seems to be
> intentional so I will do what you propose and submit a new patch with
> only added constructors. I simply hope that a decision will be taken
> on the kind of support that should be proposed between normal and
> debug worlds.
I think we can do a lot of different things, I'm only trying to
prioritize basing on my field experience and trying to do my best in my
role of maintainer.


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