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Re: RFC: basic_filebuf supporting non-modal I/O without seekpos

On 09/18/2010 10:37 AM, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> I'll come to the details later. Of course we have also to check what
> happens to _M_get_ext_pos in terms of library exports: the rest of the
> basic_filebuf instantiations for char and wchar_t should be already
> exported, thus very likely you are missing something in the linker
> script (which is constantly changing, certainly you cannot patch the
> 4.5.2 version and assume it's still correct, we are back to my point above).
In the meanwhile I applied the patch to my mainline tree, and indeed,
abi_check fails because the new symbols are exported at the baseline
version, but this is not an important issue, I would tweak the linker
script, it's the usual issue with baseline patterns matching new symbols

Anyway, my first slightly more serious comment would about 45628, which
after all started this discussion: I'd like to see how you exactly fix
it in the new setting, I think we should keep the focus on it, while
working on those other improvements.


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