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Re: debug vector move issue

On 09/15/2010 10:47 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
When compiled with the necessary attached patch on debug vector it works
fine. However when you define _GLIBCXX_DEBUG_PEDANTIC the test a.capacity()
== r.capacity() fails. This is because when you create a normal vector by
moving a debug one internal memory is transferred but the debug vector
_M_guaranteed_capacity is not reseted. This result in the test by the moved
debug vector instance 'a' announcing a capacity of 1 when in fact it is 0.

I see no real good solution to this problem, _M_guarantied_capacity seemed
to be impossible to maintain when the debug container is moved. Maybe
putting this data in the allocator could help, I need to investigate.

Any thoughts ?
(I haven't looked in detail or refreshed my memory of how the debug
vector works, I've only looked at your attachments)

Can't the move constructor and move assignment set
__x._M_guaranteed_capacity = 0 ?
The problem is just that we can't because we are moving a debug vector to a normal vector. It is the normal vector move constructor that is called with a rvalue reference to the debug one seen as a normal vector because the debug inherits from the normal. How do you want to know in the normal move constructor that the source has a _M_guaranteed_capacity that needs to be reseted, that is impossible.
As Paolo said, the test seems invalid to me, it's trying to verify
something which is not guaranteed (and in general cannot be.)
Well, I agree that the test is a little bit weird even if it is surprising that depending on the way you look at a given instance, as a debug one or as a normal one, the capacity returns different values. A test that will perhaps looks better for you is:

__gnu_debug::vector<int> dv({0, 1, 2, 3, 4});
std::vector<int> v(std::move(dv));
VERIFY(dv.capacity() == 0);

Once moved the debug vector should be empty without any internal buffer left, and in fact it is like that, but capacity still announce 5 even if as soon as an element will be added a new buffer will be allocated.

Apologies if my cursory glance has meant I missed something!


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