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Re: debug algorithms

On 09/07/2010 10:16 PM, François Dumont wrote:
> I didn't expect that in addition to guaranty binary compatibility of
> libstdc++ itself we also have to guaranty binary compatibility of
> different components built with different versions of libstdc++,
> especially in debug mode ! What I meant with 100% compatibility was
> that I do not expect abi or any other test to fail after this patch.
Normally, we do our best to guarantee that too, yes. You can find many
traces in discussions in the past.
> I also noticed that you added on the 31 of august a cached index in
> the hashtable implementation. This is going to introduce exactly the
> same kind of breaking change, isn't it ? IMO libraries already using
> this implementation and exposing it are much more common than
> libraries exposing debug mode structures.
Well, first we are talking about C++0x-only in that case, which is an
*experimental* mode, even if some people do not get that yet ;) In that
specific case, not adding that member means not being conforming to C++0x.


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