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[v3] deprecated ext/hash_map, ext/hash_set

This moves <ext/hash_map> and <ext/hash_set> into backwards.  Since
the introduction of TR1's unordered containers, these old hash
containers have been de facto deprecated: this just makes it official
to those not paying attention.

I'm hoping to align libstdc++ sources to reality, as the maintainers
see it. In addition, I would like to time the addition of new
interfaces (ie, C++0x) with the removal of deprecated interfaces.

To deprecate the SGI hash containers, one has to jump through a couple
rounds of hoops. Here's an outline:

1) remove use of ext/hash_map, ext/hash_set in libstdc++ sources. Finished with:

2) come up with equivalent debug mode functionality for unordered_map
as compared to hash_map. Done with:

3) Remove pre-ISO C++ 1998 files from include/backward. We've been
around and around on this, and I am not going to summarize past
discussions here. Instead, I implement a modified proposal, whereby
files not in Annex D (or otherwise in) ISO C++ 1998 are removed.

4) Move ext/hash_map and friends into backward/hash_map, etc. Adjust docs, etc.


For my next couple tricks, I will be attempting to deprecate (in C++0x
mode) auto_ptr, binder1st, and vector<bool>.

tested x86/linux


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