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Remove news from libstdc++ web page

This might be a bit radical, but I'd like to propose removing the News
entries from  The latest entry is over
four years old.  We have an appropriate place for libstdc++ news,
namely the News entries on  The existing News has
confused at least one person writing to gcc-help.

Is this patch OK?


2006-12-11  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* index.html: Remove news entries.

Index: index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/libstdc++/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.33
diff -p -u -r1.33 index.html
--- index.html	22 Apr 2006 20:27:43 -0000	1.33
+++ index.html	12 Dec 2006 04:40:22 -0000
@@ -30,63 +30,6 @@
 <hr />
- <dt>2002-05-15</dt>
- <dd> <a href="";>GCC 3.1</a> released,
-   containing all previous snapshot work (and more).</dd>
- <dt>2002-03-05</dt>
- <dd> Fourteenth snapshot release, libstdc++-v3.0.97.</dd>
- <dt>2002-02-01</dt>
- <dd>A
-   <a href="";>call
-   for /* comment */ writers</a> was posted to the community.</dd>
- <dt>2002-02-01</dt>
- <dd> Thirteenth snapshot release, libstdc++-v3.0.96.</dd>
- <dt>2001-12-18</dt>
- <dd> Twelfth snapshot release, libstdc++-v3.0.95.</dd>
- <dt>2001-06-18</dt>
- <dd> First major compiler release using libstdc++-v3 by default,
-   <a href="";>GCC 3.0</a>.</dd>
- <dt>2001-04-06</dt>
- <dd> Eleventh snapshot release, libstdc++-2.92.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>2000-11-17</dt>
- <dd> Tenth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.91.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>2000-11-12</dt>
- <dd> Officially
-   <a href="";>made 
-   libstdc++-v3 the default C++ library</a>.</dd>
- <dt>2000-04-21</dt>
- <dd> Officially merged library sources into GCC.</dd>
- <dt>2000-03-24 </dt>
- <dd> Ninth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.8.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1999-12-21</dt>
- <dd> Eighth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.7.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1999-08-04</dt>
- <dd> Seventh snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.6.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1999-05-18</dt>
- <dd> Sixth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.5.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1999-03-19</dt>
- <dd> Fifth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.4.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1998-12-31</dt>
- <dd> Fourth snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.3.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1998-11-04</dt>
- <dd> Design, feature checklist and readme documents updated.  Also see
-      new &quot;Notes&quot; section.</dd>
- <dt>1998-10-30</dt>
- <dd> Third snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.2.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1998-07-31</dt>
- <dd><a href="";>Design
-     document available</a>.</dd>
- <dt>1998-07-24</dt>
- <dd> Second snapshot release, libstdc++-2.90.1.tar.gz.</dd>
- <dt>1998-07-15</dt>
- <dd> First snapshot release.</dd>
-<hr />
 <h3><a name="download">Downloading</a></h3>
 <p>libstdc++-v3 is developed and released as part of GCC, separate

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