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Re: [v3, 3.4 & HEAD] set cpu_include_dir for mips*-*-linux* and arm*-linux-*targets, update baseline file

Paolo Carlini writes:
> Matthias Klose wrote:
> >Ok here is the updated patch, arm included as well. IIRC the baseline
> >is the the same for mips64{,el} and mips{,el}, and we don't care about
> >the emotion engine (please see mail exchange below). Ok to checkin?
> >  
> >
> You already have my off-line pre-approval for the arm*-*-linux* change
> (if the ARM maintainers and the other libstdc++-v3 maintainers do not 
> object,
> and conditional to testing, of course). However, you have not answered
> yet my comment about mips*-*-linux*:
> >+    cpu_include_dir="cpu/mips"
> >  
> >
> Is this really necessary?

after the inclusion of, the value of cpu_include_dir is
printed by configure, although the comment in configure

# Propagate the target-specific source directories through the build chain.
# (Nothing currently uses cpu_include_dir directly; only atomicity_include_dir 
# uses it, and it only gets used in this file.)

says otherwise. The test in acinclude.m4 uses it:

dnl Check to see what architecture and operating system we are compiling
dnl for.  Also, if architecture- or OS-specific flags are required for
dnl compilation, pick them up here.
  . $glibcxx_srcdir/
  AC_MSG_NOTICE([CPU config directory is $cpu_include_dir])
  AC_MSG_NOTICE([OS config directory is $os_include_dir])

either cpu_include_dir should be updated in or the
message be changed.


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