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Re: Patch: stl_vector.h and vector.tcc

Nathan Sidwell <> writes:

| Mark Mitchell wrote:
| > Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| >> I've answered (and I think Bjarne did too) Nathan's questions on the
| >> Evolution reflector.  Nathan did not follow up, so I assumed he had no
| >> further concerns.  If there still are issues, it would be rather
| >> helpful if he could post them as soon as possible instead of waiting
| >> for the "slower" path to transmit them.
| >>
| > We'll have to let Nathan speak for himself; I have no further
| > information.  All I know is that at some point in the past Nathan
| > was not happy with the proposal; to what extent that's been
| > resolved, I'm not sure.
| basically there were a set of underspecified pieces, the reponse from
| Bjarne was 'oh, we'll get to specifying them'.  I've not seen anything
| further.

Ahem.  That is a very interesting summary of the messages
c++std-ext-6892 and c++std-ext-6894.

I would suggest both Mark and Matt have a look at them -- and of
course, anybody having access to committee reflectors :-).

| so I have no further concerns, because I've not seen anything further
| specified.

I believe it is inaccurate to say nothing further got specified.

-- Gaby

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