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Re: [Patch]: libstdc++/PR11504 + constness and casting clean up

> How about something like this:
> 2003-07-27  Gawain Bolton <>
>        * include/bits/stl_tree.h: Fix libstdc++/PR11504.  Replace
>        C-style casts with C++-style casts.  Changes to avoid
>        casting away constness.  Eliminate _Rb_tree_base_iterator
>        class.  Change _Rb_tree_iterator to use initialization lists.
>        Move out implementation of __black_count() to...
>        * src/ here and rename _Rb_tree_black_count().
>        * config/linker-map.gnu: Add and change symbols here.

If you rewrite that as

        PR libstdc++/11504
        * include/......

then the bug database will be automatically updated with the commit message,
once the patch is approved.


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