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autotools transition report: State of the disUnion

Things are proceeding.  I will probably be asking for testers soon,
to help work out the inevitable cross-compiling issues.  To start with,
this will probably be in the form of a tarball of configury files.

As a side effect, I've found a couple of bugs and am fixing them en passant.
For example, if --enable-clocale was not given, we were reporting "yes" as
the choice, and going with generic without ever trying the OS-based probe.
In the real world, this doesn't seem to have been a problem, since distro
vendors were specifying a model.

Also, option handling is a lot easier.  Picking the concept checks as an
example, before:

    define([GLIBCXX_ENABLE_CONCEPT_CHECKS_DEFAULT], ifelse($1, yes, yes, no))dnl
    changequote(<<, >>)dnl
    <<  --enable-concept-checks use Boost-derived template checks [default=>>GLIBCXX_ENABLE_CONCEPT_CHECKS_DEFAULT],
    changequote([, ])dnl
    [case "$enableval" in
     yes) enable_concept_checks=yes ;;
     no)  enable_concept_checks=no ;;
     *)   AC_MSG_ERROR([Unknown argument to enable/disable concept checks]) ;;
    dnl Option parsed, now set things appropriately
    if test x"$enable_concept_checks" = xyes; then


      GLIBCXX_ENABLE(concept-checks,$1,[use Boost-derived template checks])
      if test $enable_concept_checks = yes; then

Even the --help output is sane now.


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