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Re: [libstdc++ PATCH] libstdc++ debug mode

Some things to think about.

>When testing this patch, be sure to:
>	1) Apply the above-mentioned g++specs patch.
>	2) Rerun autoconf and automake in gcc/libstdc++-v3.
>	3) Pass "--enable-libstdcxx-debug" to configure
>	4) If running the libstdc++ testsuite, add the flag "-D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG" 
>into the flags returned from --build_cxx in the script 

For 4, You should just change 




and in /libstdc++-v3/testsuite/testsuite_hooks.h change

the define of




>For those that don't want to apply the patch and rerun 
>autoconf/automake, there's a patched gcc/libstdc++-v3 available here:
>Just extract it into a mainline CVS checkout just above the toplevel 
>directory and it will overwrite your libstdc++-v3 directory with the 
>debug-mode version.

That's helpful, thanks. For some reason, stl_algo.h bits don't apply,
but the rest of the patch is fine (and the archive stl_algo.h can be
updated via cvs.)

>Tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu and powerpc-apple-darwin; no regressions on 
>either platform in normal (release) mode or debug mode. ChangeLog 


>	* include/bits/gnu-cxx-utility.h: New.

Eh. For the time being, please just put the __is_null_pointer bits into
the string includes. 

>	* include/bits/debug/support.h: New.
>	* include/bits/debug/vector.h: New.
>	* include/ext/debug/bitset: New.
>	* include/ext/debug/deque: New.

Please don't nest directories in here.

         * include/debug: Add your stuff here.





like the ext directory duplicate headers.

>	* debug/ New.

There's got to be a better solution than this. . . If you don't want to
keep the old, hacky src/ rules, that is ok with me, but let's
try to come up with something that's an improvement that doesn't
duplicate so much of src/ in the process. Alexandre Oliva
recently suggested looking at the multilib approach, which I believe
libjava uses: can you take a look at that approach please, or quiz him
to see what he means by this?


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