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Re: [libstdc++ patch] Fix basic_string::_S_construct null pointer check

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 09:06:21PM +0200, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Phil Edwards <> writes:
> | 
> | 2)  Please name the function __is_null_pointer or __null_pointer_p
> |     or something like that, to make it clear this is a predicate function.
> Wait a minute.  First, please let's not propagate the Lisp disease we
> have in the front-end, i.e. __null_pointer_p is a no-no from my point
> of view.

Absolutely right.  Even (enlightened) Lispers don't do that any more.

> Secondly, what are the use cases of __null_pointer()? In conditional
> branch I guess, i.e.
>   if (__null_pointer(p))
>     // ...
> this is consistent with the rest of the standard  library, e.g.:
>   if (
>     // ...

Iostream names are an embarrassment, grandfathered into the standard.
There's no more reason to propagate bad iostream naming conventions
than to propagate bad Lisp naming conventions.  

> But I do not have a strong feeling against __null_pointer being
> renamed to __is_null_pointer.

I have very strong feelings in favor of "is", "has", etc. prefixes
on predicate names.  We should have text in the style guide calling
for it.

BTW, a snapshot of a pretty comprehensive C++ style guide I wrote for 
Zembu may be found at <>.  It 
served as the basis for the (not yet finished) guidelines.
Not everything in there is universally applicable, but it might be
helpful to read.

Nathan Myers

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