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Re: Updated patch for std::list: Performance and memory usage improvements.

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

This patch is in. I'm hoping that another one, like it for maps and sets
is forthcoming.

You have applied this patch already! The patch applied to stl_tree.h:

revision 1.23
date: 2003/07/04 20:37:01;  author: bkoz;  state: Exp;  lines: +99 -66

2003-07-04 Gawain Bolton <>

       * include/bits/stl_tree.h: Performance and memory usage

affects std::map, std::set, std::multlimap and std::multiset.

Please, could you  name the functions/classes/data you're touching in
your patches?  The above entry isn't really helpful :-(

Do you have any measurements regarding your improvements?

I'd suggested this as well. I'm hoping something like this can be used for the list, map, and set work:

The performance test could be cloned for std::set, std::multimap and std::multiset if you like.



Gawain Bolton
Coignieres, France
PGP Info: Key server:
         Key id: 6EBEDEA6
         Fingerprint: 65C0 0030 21D1 7A01 546A  E7DB D60F 47E0 6EBE DEA6

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