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Re: status of your stl patches

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:


I think we can no proceed with getting your various patches in. I put
one of them in:

[Patch] Corrected patch for stl_tree.h to improve performance and
memory usage

Excellent stuff!

Sadly, the others are more difficult to apply at the moment.

 Context diff for: Suggested improvement to std::list

"A similar thing can be done for std::map, std::multimap, std::set and
std::multiset by changing the _M_header field in the
_Rb_tree_alloc_base class in stl_tree.h. Even better, the swap()
function would still be very simple. If people thing this is worth
doing I would happy to submit a patch."

Can you update this one, please?

Will do.

Also, please update testsuite/performance to take into account this work, based on this:

I'll look into tihs.

In addition, I'd be interested in similar patches for the maps and sets.

[Patch] stl_tree.h: _Rb_tree_rebalance(): Add local variable to getgrandparent and use const

Can you update this one as well?

Sure thing.

Also, I'll need ChangeLog bits with the diffs.


Gawain Bolton
Coignieres, France
PGP Info: Key server:
         Key id: 6EBEDEA6
         Fingerprint: 65C0 0030 21D1 7A01 546A  E7DB D60F 47E0 6EBE DEA6

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