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Re: Libstdc++-v3 memory leakage?

> I think that if this issue can be fixed, and the noise WRT "leaks" goes 
> down, then everybody will be better off. This is what was done WRT locales 
> and io and I think it was a really good idea.

Sorry, I'm confused.  What is the issue?  The complete removal of the
caching pool allocator? ;-)

> At the moment, I'm not able to run valgrind on my dev system. Hopefully 
> this will be fixed soon. 

> If anybody else wants to take a crack at this (I noticed Stephen seems 
> to have taken steps) I'd appreciate it. 

I'd support changes to the library that mark one-time allocations so
that valgrind ignores them (or whatever you did to sections of the

I'd also support Jonathan Wakely updating the documentation before the
3.3 release (he volunteered in this thread).  In particular, I'd love
a new section:

How do I check to see if there is a library memory leak with my
application before I report it? (suggested topics in addition to
Jonathan's own ideas:)

-discussion of setting environment variable to disable pool allocator
-discussion of one-shot code displaying a "leak" doesn't really cut it
 (related to any service in the libary that maintains state or a cache)

I'd be happy to review and/or commit such improvements to the


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