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Re: Status of time_get and time_put facets

Paolo Carlini wrote:
Ok, thanks for your explanation and hints: I plan to investigate in
detail the issue in the next days.

For sure the current testsuite lacks testcases for the behaviour
you expect...
Here's another test case that translates the name of a weekday
read from stdin in a locale given by the first argument to a
locale given by the second command line argument. It uses
a single locale object with time_get and time_put each from
a distinct named locale. Sample output is here:

$ echo "Mittwoch" | ./t de_DE fr_FR

In order for this to work correctly, the stream object cannot
be used to retrieve the facet data. Each time facet has to have
its own.

With gcc/libstdc++ 3.2.1 it fails to compile due to a const
correctness bug (locale template ctor takes any Facet*, i.e.,
including const std::time_get<char>*). After fixing the
compilation error, the program segfaults.


#include <iostream>
#include <locale>

int main (int argc, const char *argv[])
const std::locale l1 (argc > 1 ? argv [1] : "");
const std::locale l2 (argc > 2 ? argv [2] : "");

const std::locale l1_l2 =
std::locale (std::locale (std::locale::classic (),
&std::use_facet<std::time_get<char> >(l1)),
&std::use_facet<std::time_put<char> >(l2));

const std::time_get<char> &tg =
std::use_facet<std::time_get<char> >(l1_l2);

const std::time_put<char> &tp =
std::use_facet<std::time_put<char> >(l1_l2);

std::tm t = std::tm ();

std::ios::iostate err = std::ios::goodbit;

// benign but unnecessary
// std::cin.imbue (l1_l2);
// std::cout.imbue (l1_l2);

tg.get_weekday (std::cin.rdbuf (), std::istreambuf_iterator<char>(),
std::cin, err, &t);

if (err & std::ios::failbit)
return 1;

tp.put (std::cout.rdbuf (), std::cout, ' ', &t, 'A') = '\n';

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