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Re: [Patch] Help find "atomicity.h" for target "mingw32"

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
    While trying to bootstrap the latest GCC 3.3 snapshot
for target "mingw32", I ran into compilation errors about
"Undefined macro __GTHREAD_MUTEX_INIT". It turns out
that "atomicity.h" was being picked up from "cpu/generic"
rather than "cpu/i486" ("mingw32" is an alias for
"i386-pc-mingw32", so target_cpu is set to "i386").
Your patch will work for all cases where mingw32 is actually i486 and
above, but I think a better approach might be to fix up the aliases so
that target_cpu is accurate. This would mean

for i386 and below
"i386-pc-mingw32" -> target_cpu == i386
for i486 and above
"i386-pc-mingw32" -> target_cpu == i[456]86
I'm sorry, but I didn't understand this properly. :-(
(Especially when you say "...where mingw32 is actually i486
and above".)

But here's what I do think I understand:

The gcc toplevel config.sub script expands the target
alias "mingw32" to "i386-pc-mingw32".

i386 is the lowest CPU that MinGW programs can hope
to run on, using one of the 32-bit Windows OSs (Win9x/NT4/2K/XP).

From a message (
Danny posted to the mingw-devel list:

"Yes,  The old contents of i386 dir were the same as current i486 (and
used asm instructions that only worked on i486 and higher - that was the
bug that finally got caught after  many years and motivated the generic

And also from the same message:
"Currently the cpu default for mingw is i586, but I think it should be
i686 since the latter gets better testing on Linux targets"

So the patch I submitted wouldn't terribly upset the state
of affairs, would it?

Awfully sorry if I'm totally off-track here. :-(

Sincerely Yours,

Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT hotmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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