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Re: patches to move to gcc-3_2-branch

>Upon looking at it closely, it is really hard for me to consider this
>a regression.  User's use of __USE_MALLOC has always been problematic
>in v3. 

This is a regression against 2.95 era compilers (v2), where __USE_MALLOC
was possible. I thought these still counted, or do all regressions have
to be against 3.x series compilers? Perhaps I'm just confused.

I'm in favor of this patch. It resolves longstanding issues with
the allocators, improves (aye, makes possible) debugging, and in a sane

>I probably would have moved it without any thought but the merge of
>include/bits/stl_alloc.h produced a large conflict because many patches
>were made to formatting, etc on mainline.

I have moved this patch as well, in my sources, and just moved the
formatting as well.

Do you think a better solution is to put it on the rhl8 branch, instead?
I am open to this possibility, but consider it less appealing.

Note that the added symbol has to be in GLIBCPP_3.2.2 now for the
branch, since 3.2.1 has now been released


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