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Re: Status of libstdc++ on FreeBSD

> I noticed that Wide Character/String Support has been updated, and nearly 
> completed for FreeBSD 5.0.
> ( )

Progress in that area just happened a mere 6 days ago on the OS side!
And, as you must know, some wchar stuff still isn't done yet (I am
comparing the chart in the URL posted against libstdc++-v3
configuration-time checks for required support).

> Has anyone had success getting (or even tried) getting libstdc++ to compile 
> with wide character support ( _GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T ) on FreeBSD 5.0???

I believe that the answer is no to ``success''.  The answer is yes to
``tried'' (at the moment, it is tried every night on a FreeBSD/i386
5.0 machine built July 1, which you will note is before the above OS
update).  If you submit patches to make libstdc++-v3 work with wchar
support as it is in FreeBSD 5, then I will review them and tweak them
as required to get them in the FSF tree before FreeBSD 5 is first shipped.

I personally can't work on it until native wchar support arrives in (the only test machine I have for FreeBSD 5, usually
updated every few months).  This is not a priority for me to work on
until all/most of wchar support, as it will ship in 5.0, appears in
that machine.


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