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Re: [v3] make check-abi

In article <> Benjamin writes:

> At the moment, there is only a baseline file for x86/linux. Loren has
> indicated a BSD baseline exists, so I expect this will be checked in
> shortly.

Baseline installed for i386-unknown-freebsd4.6 as well, but I see I
only mailed the libstdc++ list with my actual patch (and I avoided
posting the large new file as well).

Shall we tweak the configure fragments as required so that if
config/abi/CPU-VENDOR-OSX.Y/baseline_symbols.txt is not found then
(at least) config/abi/CPU-VENDOR-OSX/baseline_symbols.txt and then (maybe)
config/abi/CPU-VENDOR-OS/baseline_symbols.txt are candidates for use.

gcc 3.2 on CPU-unknown-freebsd4 has one C++ ABI and gcc 3.2 on
CPU-unknown-freebsd5 may have another (although it may coincidentally
be identical).  By default, the target triples constructed by
config.guess on FreeBSD, Solaris and elsewhere add the OS version

> It is my intention to require library check-ins on the gcc-3_2-branch
> to pass 'make check-abi' before being put on the branch. I think this is sane.

Most sane.  As well, check-ins on mainline should have explainable
changes only.  For example, we have three symbol removals that are
explainable in that no user code should have called them directly or


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