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Re: HTML docs

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 08:22:11PM +0100, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> I'm not an XHTML expert, but if you want those libstdc++ pages that are in
> the source tree to be preprocessed (which would require them to be in
> XHTML) then Phil's the maintainer of the update_web_docs_libstdcxx script
> that handles making those docs available online.

Well, back to the libstdc++ list then   :-)

I can submit a patch to convert the entire docs/html tree to valid XHTML
in the next couple of days - if you want them brought inline. It's a
simple process with a bit of scripting, but if there's no interest, I
won't bother.

Assuming for now the patch is wanted...

I've already done a few pages, these can be seen at
(try pages in /, /ext/ and /faq/, broken links means I've not done that page)

I've kept the appearance the same, just reordered a few tags and added end
tags where they're required in XHTML, except for ext/sgiexts.html, where I
added <code> tags around some identifiers which weren't marked up. Can I
do that for all the names in that file that should be <code> ?
For instance, "operator()" is sometimes written "op()", can I change that
to "<code>operator()</code>" ? (basically, the pages look like they were
written as notes that have been promoted to docs, and could do with some
tidying up to fulfill their new role)

The pages at the above URL have the standard GCC header and footers, as
they'd be when preprocessed, but the copies in my cvs don't, in line with - I'm processing them myself as I copy
them to that web page.

I've noticed that ext/lwg-active.html and lwg-defects.html contain broken
links to the non-existent files lwg-index.html, lwg-status.html and
lwg-toc.html. Are these files supposed to be in libstdc++, or is it a
consequence of copying lwg-active and lwg-defects straight from the LWG
site at ?
If the pages are copied straight from the LWG pages, should I leave them
alone? Otherwise the XHTML versions will be overwritten every time Matt
Austern updates the lists.


"There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users'."
	- Edward Tufte 

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