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Re: ABI regression tester, version 0.0.0pre2.alpha7

> I think there would be less difference than you imagine, as long as we
> sort the text before diffing.  I've added some text to the autocrasher,
> next time a variation appears it should be more human-readable.
> Anyhow... multiple paths to the same solution.  I'll take the low road
> and you take the high road, and we'll both get to scotland.

Yep. I'm not fanatical about the final form. 

> Easy to do in my autocrasher, but darn near impossible to generalize enough
> for testsuite checkin.

Right. So, something more self-standing then for 'make check-abi' and
then hopefully the autocrasher will still run weekly or daily or
whatever in addition?

> The first version of this program you posted, I took and added system()
> calls to do the readelf-pipe-etc stuff, so that the name of the .so could be
> passed in as argv.  Have to assume GNU readelf, etc, so that wouldn't work.

Oooh. Send me that please.

> > Do you have any ideas on how to work through the testsuite/
> > issues? Gak!!! I'm hoping to have something in yesterday, or at least
> > before a lot of the pending C++ linkage patches go in...
> Off the top of my head, we build your program(s) and then do the testing
> work in a script:
>     noinst_PROGRAMS = abicheck
>     abicheck_SOURCES =
>     abi-check:
>         $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/testsuite/run_a_sane_script $(builddir)
> Pass in the build directory path, and I think the script can figure out
> everything else, e.g., call the $(builddir)/testsuite/abicheck, scan the
> $(builddir)/src/.libs/, etc.


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