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Question about versions of libstdc++

I'm confused by the multitude of versions of libstdc++ I find on my Red Hat 
Linux installation, and the purpose of each one.  Basically, my question
is: which of these supersedes which, and which is the latest?  My problem
is a run-time incompatibility between a module I compile here, which uses
libstdc++.a.2.10.0, and the Java VM on RHL, which uses  I was thinking of using the .so library for my
modules too, but now I have a feeling this is actually an *older* library.

For example, I have:

/usr/lib 113% ls -F libstdc++*

And under /usr/lib/gcc-lib (in subdirs) I have libstdc++.{so,a} pointing
backwards to various versions in /usr/lib.

The funny thing is, when I installed GCC 2.95.3 from scratch, I only got
/usr/gcc/2.95.3/lib/libstdc++.a.2.10.0.  No .so version.

So, to summarize my questions:
1. Which is the newer version? How do I interpret the various numbers in,
   e.g., ?
2. If, as I suspect, libstdc++.a.2.10.0 is the newest version, where do I
   get an .so version of it?
3. Where can I find information on compatibility issues between these

Many thanks in advance for any information,
- Yuval
Yuval Kfir, Software Engineer (Platforms Team)
Mainsoft Corporation
tel 972-8-9781300 (ext. 338)
fax 972-8-9219389

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