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Re: Memory NEVER freed!

Which OS and GCC version are we talking about?

For instance the Linux malloc() implementation does not return allocated memory to the OS (unless the size is larger than mallopt M_MAP_MAX in which case the memory is actually mmap'ed and can thus be returned to OS).



Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:

I have a problem. One of my program allocate a LOT of small pieces of memory with new/delete.
When freed, the RSS of my prog doesnt change!
I *THINK* that the memory is freed since if I alloc again the same space, the RSS doesnt change. But the RSS *NEVER* come back to the level it was before the allocation.
Ex: Begin: RSS=10Mb
Alloc 50Mb => RSS=60Mb
Free 30MB=>RSS=60Mb
Free remaining 20Mb=>RSS=60Mb
Alloc 30Mb=>RSS=60Mb
Alloc 30Mb=>RSS=70Mb
Free 60Mb=>RSS=70Mb

Is there a way to tell my prog to release the not used pages?
Is there a compact memory method?

Thanks for any help.

PS: Im not in the list so please CC me. Thanks.

An expert problem solver must be endowed with two incompatible qualities, a restless imagination and a patient pertinacity.

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