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Re: [RFC] libstdc++/6720 and libstdc++/6671

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:


| My suggestion is that, whenever a *system* header file includes
| another header file using angle brackets, we search only the system
| header files (or perhaps search them first).

That is a position I can I agree (pending we resolve inclusion from
main programs) with and pretty close to Mark's proposal.


| This doesn't solve the problem of including standard headers from the
| main program.  One could still replace them by having a file with the
| same name in one of the `-I'ed directories.  It seems to me that the
| only way to overcome this problem is to have the preprocessor know a
| list of standard headers, that, when included with angle brackets, it
| would search in -I directories, but warn instead of including them.
| Such standard headers could still be replaced by a user by means of
| -isystem, and the user would get a warning in case the intent was to
| have a system header file replaced using -I.

I can live with that compromise.

-- Gaby

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