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Moving patches from head to 3_1-branch

Hi all,

I have some patches in the mainline not in 3_1 and before starting 
moving at least some of them I'd like to ask the following preliminary 
question: in general, when doing so should we keep the same dates, thus 
minimizing the overall Changelog differences between mainline and branch 
(as we agreeed to do some time ago)?

Then, I summarize here my patches:

1- The set started by Takeshi, on the temporary switch to "C" locale:   

2- Tweak money_*_members_*.cc for Euro

(This one may be a little controversial, since it causes two less 
failures for systems having Euro-era localedata, but two more for 
systems having old localedata on the wchar_t tests, being libstdc++/6410 

3- libstdc++/6648:

4- Basic_string::replace specializations

The latter is definitely the most controversial, and was put on hold by 
Gerald Pfeifer for late commit to the branch, since it did'nt really fix 
any bug but only a performance regression on some specific replace calls 
Needless to say, I like it, however ;-) and at this point it has been 
fairly well tested in the mainline...


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