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Re: Anyone got irix5? I have questions about your ctype implementation

 > From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
 > If Mark still thinks the CPLUSPLUS_CPP_SPEC variant is best, I suggest we
 > ignore the IRIX 6.2 vs. 6.5 difference for now and just treat them the
 > same.  It just isn't worth the trouble of creating a different iris62.h
 > only for this issue.
 > I can test a patch for this if desired.  Otherwise your patch to
 > irix5.2/bits/os_defines.h should go into the 3.1 branch after the release
 > is cut.
 > 	Rainer

There's one other reason I don't like the CPLUSPLUS_CPP_SPEC
mechanism.  We're overriding the default from mips.h, so we've
introduced a maintenance burden.  If someone modifies that one, they
have to remember to update the one in iris6.h.

So for that reason and also for being able to specifically target
pre-irix6.5, IMHO I prefer to solve it the way I originally did with
libstdc++-v3 os_defines.h.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Director of Systems Architecture		Qwest Global Services

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