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Re: Minor bug gets bigger? (was Re: Potential minor bu revealed?)

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 10:46:57PM +0200, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Phil Edwards <> writes:
> [...]
> | Now, if I also include <vector>, then the weird error appears.  This makes
> | sense to me and my limited understanding of template function overloading:
> | the compiler never instantiates the template form of std::swap, since it
> | already sees a non-template function.
> Does that non-template function really realize a better match?

Well, I wouldn't think so.  But it is the only non-template swap() available.

> Along with your patch, it would be interesting to trace the path that
> leads to that obscure bug.

I wish cc1plus had an option like make's -d, where it printed out the
decisions it was making as it went along.


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