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RE: .gif files aren't allowed

AHH!!  But MNG files *do* support animation (in fact, they're brought to you
by the PNG people).  Thus, your IOStream dreams may yet come to fruition.

-----Original Message-----
From: Phil Edwards []
Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 6:09 PM
To: Joe Buck
Subject: Re: .gif files aren't allowed

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 02:55:28PM -0700, Joe Buck wrote:
> Thanks.  Please go ahead and generate the 3.1 documentation now.  It'll be
> current soon enough.  Had we (the SC) known that the Doxygen pages
> contained GIFs, we would have asked you to yank them much earlier.  We had
> an ironclad no-GIFs rule even before the egcs/gcc remerger.

The GIF sort of thing never would have occured to me.  A recent version
of Doxygen changed from producing GIFs to PNGs at the request of RMS,
so this issue shouldn't arise again (for doxygen).

> The LZW patent expires June 20, 2003, so possibly we could use GIFs after
> that date.  But then, the only things GIFs give you that PNG doesn't is
> animation, so there's little other reason to bother with them.

So much for the plan of animated IOstream documentation.  :-)


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