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Re: .gif files aren't allowed

I've just had an email conversation with Gerald about this.  I wrote to him:

    Already fixed, sort of.

    The version of Doxygen /at the time of 3.0/ still generated GIFs, but
    the "latest release" version was made with a version of Doxygen which
    generates PNGs.  It did not occur to me to go back and regenerate the
    older GCC versions with the newer Doxygen versions.

    I was hoping to leave the 3.0 docs online until 3.1 is released, at which
    time I would replace them.  Would that be soon enough?

He suggests generating the 3.1 documentation now, on the (probably valid)
assumption that the code won't seriously change between now and release.
I'd planned to update the web pages this afternoon, so I'll make the new
docs part of that task.


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