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Re: Dead code (was: Re: Good numbers from Ritter's new string allocator)

> In fact, there is at least one well known and modern implementation of
> the ISO stdlib which does not grow exponentially either, and, moreover,
> does not round to the block. But I agree with you (and with Nathan) that
> some form of exponential shaping should be implemented, sooner or later.


> Seriously, I believe that at this point we (i.e., me, you, Benjamin and
> Nathan) all agree that the current patch (with the amended Changelog)
> could be a good starting point for the mainline. I think your approach
> is very simple yet guarantees a big improvement on the current
> situation. In my tests it's beaten in speed only by truly exponential
> allocators.

Yep. Something, even if it's not perfect, needs to go into mainline ASAP. 
The patch for the branch can wait for it to settle, if necessary. 

Paolo, the configure machinery just looks complicated. I think it's 
actually pretty easy to figure out after a bit of 
autoconf/automake/libtool hacking, and (I think) it's commented decently. 

You might want to start by reading the GNU Autotools book:


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