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This file was next on my list to doxygenize.  I'm discovering that it's
chock full of SGI'isms, including comments.  I am cleaning those up in those
places which I know will not break things elsewhere, change the ABI, etc.

Two examples include uglifying a template parameter, and changing __RESTRICT
to __restrict__ (and then cleaning up the appropriate macro wrappers,
which aren't used anywhere else).  The rest is minor indentation and spacing.
(Don't ask me what that huge __us_rsthread_malloc block at the top is for.)

The std::simple_alloc and std::debug_alloc types aren't used anywhere
but in this file and pthread_allocimpl.h to provide nested typedefs.
Also in backward/alloc.h.

They aren't uglified.  Should they be?  Correctness says yes,
backwards-compatability and usefulness say no.


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