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Re: [libstdc++] Docs, comments, and formatting tweaks

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 11:29:32PM -0800, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> So, are man pages still an idea in play?

Most definitely.  Doxygen tends to produce man pages which are either
surprisingly good, or surprisingly bad.  Included in the latter category are:

    - man pages without a proper heading; this causes the man(1) program to
      complain the first time those pages are scanned and the whatis database
      is built
    - man pages for the header files themselves, stuck into the "library calls"
      category, and thus causing much confusion

The run_doxygen script does a lot of cleanup and rearranging after the pages
are generated.  Fortunately it doesn't need to be super-duper-extra-portable;
this is something that would probably only be run by:

    - system vendors/integrators
    - me  :-)

I've a couple more minor nits to pick, and then I want to roll another
tarball of generated HTML docs, and (for the first time) generated man pages.
It's been a while since anything was put up on the FTP site.

Hm, are we still going to be doing library snapshots?


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