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Re: verbose terminate_handler

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 01:30:00PM +0000, Jason Merrill wrote:
> I just whipped this up for a customer who requested that a call to
> terminate() print some information about the exception which caused it, as
> apparently the SunPro C++ does.  It prints the demangled name of the
> exception type and, for objects derived from exception, the result of
> what().


> 1) Nothing.  Let anyone who wants this functionality reinvent it
>    themselves.  This is complicated by its reliance on ABI internals.

In that case, we should at least document how a user would go about doing it.

> 2) Install unwind-cxx.h and unwind.h so that users can get at them without
>    keeping GCC source trees around.

That seems like a good thing to do in any case.

> 2) Add current_exception_type to libsupc++, perhaps to the ABI
>    specification.  This would avoid the need to look at the unwinder
>    headers.

Likewise, although I'm not very familiar with ABI issues.

> 3) Add verbose_terminate_handler to libsupc++ or libstdc++ and document it;
>    people would still need to activate it with set_terminate.

That's got my vote; plus we should put verbose_terminate_handler in the
extensions namespace (__gnu_cxx).


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