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HELP: GCC 2.95.3 Thread Safe IO

Problem:  We have converted a large multi-threaded software project from
using Sun's C++ compiler on Solaris to g++ 2.95.3 (built from source,
contains V2.10.0 of libstdc++).  Now we are having runtime problems that
suggest that the IO library is not thread safe.  Evidence of data
corruption shows up when a process terminates and IO cleanup routines in
libio/genops.c are called.  When I look through the source I see some
#ifdef _IO_MTSAFE_IO code, but this option doesn't seem to have been
defined even though we configure our build with the --enable_threads
option.  Also, it doesn't seem to be fully implemented.  For example,
modification of the _IO_list_all linked list is not protected in
routines like _IO_un_link() and _IO_link_in().

At this point the best option I can think of is to upgrade the libstdc++
to V3.  I have downoaded that source and libio/genops.c does have more
_IO_MTSAFE_IO locks in place.  Is thread safe IO fully implemented in
this library?  What confguration or make option is needed to define

Can I use libstdc++-v3 with GCC 2.95.3 (without upgrading the compiler
to 3.0.2)?  If I can, are there special build instructions.  The FAQ
says that GCC 3 should be used, but also seems to imply that 2.95 can
also be used
(  It says
that there are instructions for building GCC 2.95 with libstdc++-v3 at but I can't find

Any help or ideas of other options will be very much appreciated.

Paul Dubuc
Paul M. Dubuc

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