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Re: Change default allocator?

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 11:15:36PM +0100, Stefan Olsson wrote:
> Yes, but we would like to change the default allocator _without_ specifying
> this every time we create a new string...
> typedef std::basic_string <char, std::char_traits<char>,
> std_char_pthread_alloc > pthread_string;

Really, those kinds of typedefs are the way to go.  At the start of the
development work, they may just be "pass-through" names, like

    namespace our_project
        typedef  std::string         normal_string;
        typedef  std::string         threading_string;
        typedef  std::string         string_for_some_other_situation;
        typedef  std::vector<int>    container_of_ints;

    using our_project::string;
    using ...

but they provide hooks for easy project-wide changes; literally changing
one line such as threading_string and recompiling.  (A coder's dream!  :-)

If the underlying names have been used throughout, then the initial shift
to this style of naming will seem like a massive change, but it can be
largely mechanical.  It's definitely worth it.


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