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Re: staging headers fix (was Re: libstdc++ problem)

On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Phil Edwards wrote:
> Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday others who
> have had problems can help us track down why glibcpp_srcdir was not being
> canonicalized to an absolute path.

The problem is coming from C_INCLUDE_DIR (the source for the C-compatibility
headers), which is generated in aclocal.m4 and does not use glibcpp_srcdir.
This symbol is used in the c_base_headers target.  These should be considered
"generated" headers, where in the case of c_std headers "generated" means

The fix lies somewere in the dark bowels of aclocal.m4.  The C_INCLUDE_DIR
symbol should use glibcpp_srcdir instead of top_srcdir.  I'm not sure if
top_srcdir is defined at the point C_INCLUDE_DIR get defined (it wasn't when
I wrote the original patch, since it predated the introduction of

Anyway, I don't have time to work a proper patch up at the moment, but at least
this is a pointer in the right direction.


Stephen M. Webb
stephen at bregmasoft dot com

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