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Re: staging headers patch, next iteration

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 09:26:16PM -0500, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> Phil, thanks for picking up Ben's request.  Just so I'm not confused
> on Friday (actually, I will start a bootstrap ASAP), could you
> (privately) send me a full patch rooted in libstdc++-v3 with your
> change included?
> It looks like you mailed a new file, include/ .  Is no
> other file diff required?  I guess if adding that file is all I now
> do, then ignore my request for a full patch.

No, you'll also need other pieces.  Basically, start with the patch that
Benjamin posted, then replace include/ with mine; that's where
all the action takes place.... ah, but there's a line that
gets added... never mind, I'll just send you the full patch.  :-)


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