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Re: [v3] documentation on cstdio and synchronization

Phil Edwards wrote:
> 2001-07-09  Phil Edwards  <>
>         * docs/html/explanations.html:  New file.
>         * docs/html/configopts.html:  Link to it to provide more notes
>         on cstdio.  Minor markup and spacing fixes.
>         * docs/html/27_io/howto.html:  Talk about sync_with_stdio.
a couple of typos,

>          <A HREF="";>glibc</A>, 
> + <DT><TT>--enable-sjlj-exceptions  </TT>
> + <DD><P>Forces old, short-jump/long-jump exception handling model.  If
                       set-jump/long-jump (isn't it?)

> +      thing is <A HREF="../explanations.html#cstdio">tricky to get right</A>.)
> +      The upside is that correctness is insured.  The downside is that
                                           ensured (we wouldn't want people
submitting claims to us about their program's correctness being broken, would we?)

> +      the standard streams (cin, cout, cerr, clog, and thier wide-character
                               <tt>cin</tt>, <tt>cout</tt>, <tt>cerr</tt>,
			<tt>clog</tt> and their

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