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GLIBCPP_CHECK_LINKER_FEATURES libstdc++/acinclude.m4

The above function appears to be 'turned off' on both head and 3.0
branch. Using cvs annotate, it appears Ben Kosnik made a change that
effectively turns this function off, there are some comments around
libstdc++/acinclude.m4:252 that appears to say this won't work and in
some cases causes a core on solaris.

In this AC_DEFUN there are two things that drew my attention:
1. The use of ac_cv_prog_gnu_ld which is not valid here. Instead
   libtool.m4 defines/uses lt_cv_prog_gnu_ld.

2. The test (:242) of $ac_cv_prog_gnu_ld = "notbroken". I can't find any
   usage of assigning 'notbroken' to any variable anywhere.

From some of the comments, it looks like this is all intentional, but..
The Changelog entries for 5 Dec 00, 11 Oct 00, and 17 Oct 00 do not
sound like this is the intent. Phil Edwards Changelog from 11 Oct says
comment out some code in a test, but Ben made a change the same day to
the same parts.

If this AC_DEFUN really should be active I suggest
s/ac_cv_prog_gnu_ld/lt_cv_prog_gnu_ld/ and whatever check was being
performed for 'notbroken' is redone as currently that does not exist.

Gordon Sadler

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