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Re: [patch] stephen's staging headers patch

In article <> you write:
>> I would also prefer soft links.  Among other things, I can look at a file
>> in the build dir and /know/ where it came from instantly.

> Is there anyway I could get you or Loren to finish off this patch?

I can commit to fixing up the areas that I knew about problems in (and
any obvious ones that are seen in my environment) but not the whole
thing since there are many parts I don't fully understand yet.

For a patch of this size, we should consider using Mark's approach
(perhaps with a twist where we don't branch tag everything in the

Create a branch for only those few configuration files that are
changing with this massive patch.  Request that no one change them on
mainline for a day or two.  Phil (he volunteered to do some work on it
as well), Stephen (?it is his patch, right?), you and I can work on it
during that time without breaking other people using mainline.  Then,
we roll it to mainline.

I know how to do all that work without trashing the CVS tree if you
want to attempt it that way...

Otherwise, I suppose I can apply your patch to my working tree, hack
on it and send it back.  However, that isn't really using CVS the way
it works best.


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