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Re: [patch] stephen's staging headers patch

> I would also prefer soft links.  Among other things, I can look at a file
> in the build dir and /know/ where it came from instantly.


(Anyway I could convince you to implement this...)

> > + c_compatibility_headers = \
> > + 	${c_compatibility_srcdir}/assert.h \
> [...]
> > + stamp-c_compatibility: ${c_compatibility_headers}
> > + 	@if [ ! -d "${c_compatibility_builddir}" ]; then \
> > + 	  mkdir -p ${c_compatibility_builddir} ;\
> > + 	fi ;\
> > + 	cp $? ${c_compatibility_builddir} ;\
> > + 	echo `date` > stamp-c_compatibility

Ugh. Sharp eyes.... basically I have an alternate c_shadow implementation 
in this tree too. This hunk is related to that.

I'll post this work after this patch goes in. One of the motivating 
factors for this patch is that it makes working with c_shadow, and other 
work related to this including alternate implemenations, much easier. It 
also makes dealing with #include_next conceptually much easier. Makes the 
compile lines shorter. Slices, dices. It's pretty cool, but a major change.

I also haven't tested it with cross compilers.

Is there anyway I could get you or Loren to finish off this patch?


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