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Re: Problem with --enable-clocale=gnu on 64-bit systems

Hi Benjamin,

Benjamin Kosnik <> writes:

> Hey Andreas. 
>> Building GCC 3.0 on Alpha and ia64 systems, I get the following error
>> when I configure with --enable-clocale=gnu (this works on 32-bit
>> systems like ppc and ia32):
> Ack. I am not quite sure what is happening: are the "C" library bits 
> returning different types? Doesn't seem likely: are the "C" libraries the 
> same version across all the platforms?

All libraries are glibc 2.2.2 or newer.

> The gnu locale model is in a state of flux, which is why it's not on by 
> default for glibc hosts right now. I've also noticed that the 
> codecvt bits for __enc_traits aren't endian-safe, for what it's worth. 
> Right now I'm just trying to get ia32/glibc2.2 up and running correctly 
> with the extended funtionality of --enable-clocale=gnu.
> After this gets a bit more solid I'll work on getting it working across 
> different architectures and OSes.

Ok, in that case I'll not use --enable-clocale=gnu for the moment
until I hear that it should work.

Thanks for the immediate response,
 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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