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Re: Cannot build both gcc and new snapshot on i686-pc-linux-gnu

>By turning off the -Werror flag just for those two files, I was able to
> complete the compilation of the library.

Because of the frequency of this question, this work around should be
added to the build/install page.

One of the problems is that 2.90.8 is tuned for current CVS g++ which
has a fancy new C++ tree-inliner, which is able to inline more
things. The tuning happened when CVS g++ was able to bootstrap and
build this library. Those days seem increasingly rare, and are looked
back upon fondly. I'll work on tracking down the current ICE with CVS
g++ this weekend. There seems to be some new problem with complex or
remaining problems with asm and cc1plus. . . 

>However, when I then ran make
>check, almost everything failed. At first, I thought that this was due to
>mkcheck calling the g++ on the system, rather than the newly built one,
>and so I changed the PATH variable so that g++ was the new one, the one
>that had built the library.

What is the first fail? Try compiling that file manually, and report
what the errors are. Is it a link error, or something else? If it's a
link error, it's probably due to the std:: namespace, controlled by
-fhonor-std. Perhaps the correct library is not being linked in? The
symbol names actually mangle differently with this option, so it's
important to link with the correct libgcc.a and libstdc++.a

I'll try to reproduce your error independently, but would appreciate more info.


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