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Re: [v3] default to --disable-long-long, ctype fixes

>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:

> writes:
> | Turning off --enable-long-long is a really serious hardship for those
> | who need it on.  It means we have to recompile libstdc++-v3, right?  Or
> | since the compiler's now merged in, we would have to recompile both,
> | right?  I would seriously prefer to use the binaries as shipped with the
> | distribution(s), rather than having to recompile all this.

> Can you elaborate on this?  As far as I can tell we do not distribute
> v3 binaries; and with the last snapshot it appears that V3 is being
> thighly coupled with 2.97 or higher; so if you consider using current
> CVS V3 then you have to recompile it anyway.

I believe he is referring to the situation after 3.0 is released and Linux
vendors start shipping it.  It is important for people to be able to use
the libstdc++ shipped with their system; requiring people to grab the
source from somewhere and rebuild just so they can use long long just isn't


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